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La li ho!

Oct. 18th, 2004 | 07:50 pm
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Credit to: egobruises


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Things I do not appreciate:

-People who hate homosexuals. I will hunt you down if you say one wrong thing about them.
-People who love Aaron Carter. All I have to say is "ew!"
-People who hate all non-Christians. I am sorry, but I do not like God. I believe there is a Heaven and Hell, a God and a Devil... but I do not like them. God has done nothing good for me in my life so I despise him. Got a problem with that? Then go away!
-People who are sexist. I hate sexists. If someone dare says "men are better than women" I will rip there balls out (in most cases it's a guy that says it, but if it's a girl I will make sure she can't have babies).
-People who have nothing in common with me. If you come in here, liking Backstreet Boys... I'll ignore you.
-People who make fun of Asians. For any reason.

If I think of more... I'll post them.


little note for me: 2004

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